One of the most overlooked words in the English language is the word “wait”. Why is it so hard to wait? Well for starters, waiting has the unspoken meaning and reputation of boredom and no action. This could not be further from the truth. Waiting for something takes action and self-control.

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes waiting can be a form of proving yourself and your dedication to what you are striving to become or achieve. Take a job for example. Countless, tedious hours of schooling, and then even more hours of working jobs that barely pay the bills, and for what? Most would say, in pursuit of their dream job. Even though in these seasons of life we seem overly busy and striving, it’s still a form of waiting.

We are waiting for the dream job.

Relationships are really no different than waiting for that perfect job. People seem to have a much easier time working hard for their dream job than in working hard for their relationship dreams. Sadly, an epidemic has begun of refusing to wait for something better than a mediocre life and relationship.

No one is perfect, and no one has the power to be so, thus waiting for a “perfect” person is a ridiculous task. However, simply waiting for someone who shares common goals, beliefs, and values as yourself will save you sorrow and bless you with joy.

Going back to the example of the ambitious employee, what if this individual was offered a decent job? It pays the bills and allows for a little extra. The job even feels enjoyable at times; however, the next month a job came available unbeknownst to them that would have fit their lifestyle perfectly. This new job was everything that they dreamed about while they were sitting through those never-ending classes and gloomy jobs. Sadly, they missed the opportunity because they were focused on making their mediocre job succeed.

This employee stopped waiting for the perfect job and focused their entire effort into an average job that took all of their time without making them feel complete. This is not to say that diligence and hard work is an unproductive choice. The employee, under the circumstances, made the right decision in working hard.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that the employee was not patient. They did not wait for the perfect job. Don’t let your waiting process be a time of sorrow or confusion. Stay open-minded and grounded in who you are and who you can be in God.

A relationship is far weightier than a mere career choice. Think about the effort you put into things that really matter to you. Do you do the same for your relationships?

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