So, just like most guys, I like war movies. Just the other day I was watching “Band of Brothers,” and there is no question it is inspiring. To see the story of real men who risked their lives and faced their foes with courage and valor makes you second guess your own bravery. They were real men.

But, Why Do I Feel That Way?

Why does there seem to be this deep longing in us men to fight for something or even someone, right? I mean, isn’t that the typical “man” movie? The hero fights off the bad guys and saves the girl. I find myself often wishing I was in their position. I say, “I could do that,” and “I wish I had something to fight for,” or “I can be that hero, but I never get the chance!”

I mean, if I had those opportunities I would do everything with courage, and I would never give up. I’d never be lazy, and I would always try hard. Isn’t that right? But, those movies are Hollywood, and real life is boring, monotonous, and there’s definitely no room to be a hero, or is there?

Created WIth A Purpose

The truth is we were created with a purpose. That desire to live like a hero is in us for a reason. Even more than that, there is an enemy, and there are opportunities to fight for something every day. Hollywood is the real boring story, because it’s fake. It’s a staged script that has only a fraction of the honor and fulfillment that can come from living with purpose. But, we have to figure out what we are fighting for.

What Are You Fighting For?

One of the most important areas that men need to fight the hardest for is in relationships. So, in your relationship, are you being the hero, are you fighting for it, or are you apathetic? Do you see your relationship with your wife or girlfriend as something worth fighting for? If we don’t, then those relationships will never reach their potential.  Essentially, we will end up fighting against our partner instead of fighting together against the things that are really trying to pull us apart.

We’ve Got To Man Up!

We’ve got to realize that every day is a battle; every day is a chance to give everything we have and never look back. It’s not enough just to go through the motions. It’s not enough just to enlist in the army. We have to make the choice to fight. We have to get up, jump out of the foxhole, and run towards the enemy, facing towards the danger, heart completely in it. If we give up, it’s over.

Start Fighting Now

Even if you aren’t in a dating relationship, start fighting for her now! Begin to set up boundaries and habits in your life that will help you to be the best husband you can be. If you aren’t committed now, it will be a lot harder to just suddenly start later. The habits you form now will be the habits you bring into your marriage. Fight for her; don’t just take the easy path. The fight you have to go through before and during a relationship is what gives the relationship its value. 

  • What are you fighting for?
  • You can do it! You have what it takes!

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