Turn Table

Live Up to Your Potential

TurnTable is a group of young adults that are all about purpose and potential. Its foundation is the realization that every person, ever, has a unique purpose and unlimited potential.

Now, you may have been wondering why we are named, “TurnTable,” so here’s the scoop; a turntable is a device used in the railway industry for the purpose of turning locomotives around. Especially in the case of steam locomotives, these vehicles cannot operate in reverse or turn around on their own. So, the locomotive is placed on the turntable and the turntable spins it around to the desired direction. This is just like us. We cannot do life on our own. We need support and encouragement as we face the many choices and difficulties of life.

We offer resources and information on a variety of subjects, ranging from relationships and dating to the value of having a dream. We also provide support groups and one on one peer counseling. For more information, please complete the form below.


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