Support After Abortion in Frederick, Maryland

Support After Abortion in Frederick, Maryland

Each person has their own unique reaction to an abortion experience. Some may feel initial relief, but struggle with difficult emotions months or even years later. If you are grieving from a past abortion(s) and wish to begin the healing process, we offer one-on-one or group support sessions free of charge. We want you to know that you have come to a safe and confidential place. Your privacy is our priority. Our mission is to provide an environment that promotes healing and restoration for women and men who’ve experienced abortion. We provide abortion recovery in Frederick, Maryland.


Recognizing that you have suffered a loss and are hurting as a result is the first step toward abortion recovery. Contact us for more information.

Abortion Recovery

If any of the following questions resonate with you, you may be in need of healing:

  • Do you avoid the subject of abortion?
  • Do you feel shame, grief and guilt at the mention of the word abortion?
  • Do you have lingering feelings of anger, resentment toward people that may have been involved in your abortion?
  • Have you found that you avoid relationships or become co-dependent in them since the abortion?
  • Do you feel unworthy of love?
  • Are you overprotective of the children you have now?
  • Do you use drugs and/or alcohol as a means of escape?
  • Do you have an eating disorder or another self-harm disorder?
  • Do you have unrealistic fears?
  • Do you feel a vague emptiness or a deep sense of loss?
  • Do you experience periods of depression?

We invite you on a journey where you can begin to process your emotional pain and be restored to wholeness, experience hope, and live in peace. It’s never too late to begin. All services are provided by trained and experienced individuals at no cost to you. Note: our abortion recovery support is not professional counseling.

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