This is an exciting time for high school seniors. Not only has graduation happened and high school is behind you, but you are probably making plans or already at the beach for senior week. During this time, here are 3 key tips to think about (although these specifically apply to senior week, these tips can be helpful for life in general).

  1. Have fun, but don’t let your week or future be ruined by bad decision-making. Remember some decisions have long-lasting consequences. Make decisions that will not leave you with regret.
  2. Stay safe and never go off alone. Always have a support system with you.
  3. You can have fun without having sex, drinking, or doing drugs. If you feel pressured to do these things, remember you don’t have to! Set your boundaries and stay true to them, ask your friends to help keep you accountable to these boundaries when you are tempted to discard them. And help your friends do the same.

Have fun, enjoy your senior week, and stay safe physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Here is a great link to a page that offers tons of free and fun things to do while on senior week:

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