The physical risks of sexual activity ARE REAL. But they’re not the entire story!

Besides STDs/STIs and pregnancy, there’s something else to consider. Sex is a powerful, intimate act, and can lead to emotional difficulties.

If you hold off on sex for now, here are a few things you won’t be missing out on:


Giving up your virginity is not something to rush into. This decision can leave you with feelings of regret and wishing that you had waited.


Every year in 15 to 24 year olds, 1 out of 5 may get an STD/STI, which can lead to anger toward their partner.

Emotional Discomfort

Those with an STD/STI are less likely to feel good about themselves after sex and less comfortable during sex.


After sex, you might feel like you let yourself down and others that believe in you. You could also feel guilty if you hurt your partner.

What does WAITING feel like?

Waiting for sex is a decision that’s packed with positive benefits. Even if you’ve already had sex, it’s not too late to decide to wait to have sex again. Waiting gives you the chance to feel:


Your future is ahead of you without the worries of STDs/STIs, pregnancy, or emotional entanglements.


The strongest people are leaders, not followers. So what if it seems like everyone else is having sex. Show your leadership by making independent decisions!


You earn respect by standing out, not blending in.


Being healthy and feeling healthy can positively affect your entire outlook on life.

How We Can Help!

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Excerpts from The Medical Institute (2007). “IT’S JUST SEX, RIGHT? THE EMOTIONAL IMPACT OF EARLY SEXUAL ACTIVITY, Austin, TX.

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