There are some events in life that can be life-changing, pregnancy happens to be one of them. Do you find yourself in this place? Have you missed a period and taken a pregnancy test with a positive result? Seeing that positive test result can be pretty scary.

You may be thinking this pregnancy is too hard to do, and your first thought is to get an abortion.  Read on to get the most up-to-date information to make an informed decision.

Sometimes a positive pregnancy test result feels like good news. However, sometimes it can feel like a punch in the gut. Right now you might be feeling overwhelmed and panicked. You may feel that you have to make a decision right now before anyone finds out. You have convinced yourself that your life is out of control, all your plans are turned upside down, and that you can’t do this.

Don’t Rush

Before you rush out and make a decision in this heightened state of emotions, take a moment to breathe. Sometimes the decisions we make quickly from fear and pressure are the decisions we regret in the future. Making a rushed decision can put you in an unsafe situation.

You deserve to be safe and healthy – whatever you choose to do about this pregnancy. Take a moment to consider the following questions and answers that will help you be safe, and give you time to think and make an informed decision.What do you need to know?

Am I pregnant? 

Pregnancy tests are not always accurate. Get your pregnancy confirmed by a medical professional (Care Net Frederick has a board-certified OB/GYN doctor on staff). An ultrasound can tell if there is a heartbeat and how far along you are. Call us today (301-662-5300) to schedule your confirmation ultrasound at no cost to you. *

Do I understand the potential risks? 

Every medical procedure, including abortion, carries the risk of complications. You have the legal right to give fully informed consent. You also have the right to get:

  1. An explanation of the abortion procedures available
  2. The risks and side effects
  3. Learn about other options for your pregnancy

It is important to get information from reliable, trusted medical sources or ask a medical professional who has nothing to gain from your informed decision. Call today (301-662-5300) to schedule a time to come in and talk, someone on our staff is ready to help you find this information. *

Have I gotten information about the abortion provider?

If you call to make an appointment for an abortion, ask for the name of the doctor in charge. Find out if the doctor is licensed and board-certified. Also, find out if there are malpractice cases or disciplinary actions against the doctor. *

Do I know how the clinic handles complications during the procedure? 

Ask if the abortion doctor has admitting privileges to a hospital nearby should you have an emergency. Make sure the clinic has a plan to provide any follow-up or emergency care, should complications arise during or after the procedure. *

Do I know what to do if I change my mind? 

Abortion is your choice – you can change your mind at any time before the procedure starts. Women have gotten off the exam table and left. Some have changed their minds after the first set of pills for a medical abortion. This is a decision that you will live with for the rest of your life. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you. *

Have I been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI)?

You may be carrying an STI and not know it because they often do not have symptoms. Any surgical procedure can be complicated by infection. Call Care Net Frederick (301) 662-5300 today for your STI testing appointment at no cost to you. *

You might feel scared and/or overwhelmed right now. You don’t have to face it alone. We’re here to listen and give you the information you need to make a safe and healthy decision. The choice is yours, choose to know so you can make an informed decision.

*Questions and answers are excerpts from the Before You Decide brochure.